Chicago Fundraiser

Chicago Fundraiser

Chicago, IL—A year ago, we wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign and left Chicago to follow our dream of helping others while living and working on the road. We have now traveled over 14,000 miles, downed more than 600 cups of coffee, visited 10 national parks, and 8 world-class climbing destinations. We have also helped more than 20 individuals and non-profits in 10 states by designing their logos, books, posters, updating their websites, and photographing their work.

Last Wednesday we invited our Chicago-area friends to come tour the Egg, see a slideshow of our travels, and lift a glass to help us kick off a second year of free-range design. With more than one hundred people in attendance, and many others donating online from home, we raised $3,120 in just one evening. As we move towards our goal of $24,000 by November 1, there is still work to do. But the success of this first fundraising event was critical for gaining momentum and renewing our confidence in the idea of community-funded design.

Thank you to everyone who came out and especially to those who made the event possible, including: Lillstreet Art Center, DJ Warp (Brian Keigher), Joe Tighe, Brian Malnassy and Heidie Fiefield, and Terri Lonier.

Selected photos by Joe Tighe (with the exception of the outdoor image below by Joerg Metzner). See the full gallery.


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